If you recognize the photo above, then you may have read some of my reviews on Tripadvisor, where I’m identified as ‘charlieboy55’. Since 2010 I have been writing reviews about hotels and places of interest in Dublin, Ireland (where I live), Northern Ireland, England, Spain, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Italy, Malta, Sicily, Croatia, Romania, and Greece. Most of these reviews were written after making short trips in these various countries. To access a list of all my reviews, click here.


As travelling has been more or less out of the question during the recent COVID-19 lockdowns, I have been putting my spare time to good use in order to write travelogues of several solo journeys that I have made over the years, based on diaries that I kept at the time. I have circulated these among friends and relatives, and now have now decided to put them online. If you decide to dip into them, you’ll discover that my real name is Charles Gannon – see the About tab above for more details about me and other contributors.

To access the travelogues and their chapters, click on the Travelogues tab. The chapters can be opened as PDF files in a new tab by clicking on them, and the maps as JPEG files by clicking on them. You can then save them into a folder on your computer or device and read them offline. More chapters and contributions from other writers will be added in due course. As well as Anne McLoughlin, the Irish writer of the historical novels ‘Lives Apart’ and ‘Lives Without End’, who recently contributed a piece on a Caribbean Cruise Holiday, we now welcome Lindsay Armstrong, who has written a very lively and witty account of a visit to the islands of Scotland in 2015 – see the latest Blog, the Travelogue section, and the About section.


Have you written a travelogue that you would like to share with others online? If not, would you like to try writing one? Take a look at how the existing ones here are written in order to get the feel of what’s required. If you would like to submit a travelogue of your own, type it and email it to me at the address in the Contact section.


Also included on this site is a gallery of photos. Feel free to add some of your own! Again, you can email them to me at the address that you’ll find in the Contact section.

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