Some more photos added

Typical street in the old quarter, Tallinn

I’ve now added a few more pictures to the Photos section of the website. These are shots taken during a short stay in Estonia back in May, 2004. At that time the country was using its own currency and had not yet changed to the euro; consequently everything was very cheap. A friend and I stayed in a lovely little modern hotel right beside the old walled city in the country’s capital Tallinn, just a stone’s throw from the west gate. We spent many happy hours wandering around the atmospheric narrow streets of the old quarter, visiting various fine buildings and churches. The highlight of our stay was attending a concert in a restored church that had been bombed during World War II. The music performed that evening was Rachmaninov’s Vespers or All-Night Vigil, sung in Russian, which was conducted by the late Stephen Cleobury. During our stay we made a day trip to the city of Tartu, which is south of Tallinn – interesting, but not as stunning as wonderful Tallinn. We travelled to and from Tallinn by boat from Helsinki – another city worth visiting!

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